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Ohaus Navigator NV Series

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Ohaus Navigator NV Series

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Ohaus® raises the bar in value orientated scales. The Navigator Series offers a unique combination of features, including touchless sensors, ultra-fast response time and superior overload protection. For use in a wide variety of weighing applications.



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Model Capacity Readability Platform Price
NV222 220g 0.01g 120mm (round pan) £172.00
NV422 420g 0.01g 145mm (round pan) £204.00
NV622 620g 0.01g 145mm (round pan) £224.00
NV221 220g 0.1g 190mm x 144mm £100.00
NV1201 1200g 0.1g 190mm x 144mm £164.00
NV2201 2200g 0.1g 190mm x 144mm £164.00


This portable scale offers capacities of 210g to 20000g (20kg) and readabilities from 0.01g to 1g.

Accessories included with these portable scales include:

  1. Stainless steel pan
  2. AC adapter

Ideally used for:

The Ohaus Navigator Portable scale is ideal for use in:

  • Laboratory & Research
  • Industry & Manufacturing
  • Home office, Commercial Business & Manufacturing
  • Food & Portioning

Application use

The Ohaus Navigator scale is ideal for weighing the following applications:

  • Forensic testing
  • Quality control
  • Formulation
  • Soil sampling
  • Postal weighing
  • Dietary needs

Standard Features Include:

Touchless Sensor

The Ohaus Navigator has been designed with two touchless sensors that will free up your hands so you can focus on handling samples. The touch free control of the zero, print, function or tare operations helps to avoid transferring sample residue to the keypad.In addition the two keypad sensors can be set up indipendently to control up to 36 combinations of operations.

One Second Stabalization Time

The Ohaus Navigator is designed to accurately stabalize in less taht one second to provide fast & accurate weighing results. Improving operator effiency, operatoer productivity and throughput.

Superior Overload Protection

The Ohaus Navigator is designed with superior mechanical overload, protection system that allows the scale to withstand loads of up to 400% of its rated capacity. This prevents damage to the scale and helps it withstand undue shock of overloading. In addition an integrated shipping lock further protects the wighing cell from damage during transportation or storage.

LCD or LED Display Display Options

The Navigator has LCD or LED displays to provide the best visibility in any lighting condition. Wheter indoor or outdoor. The display is also designed with large numeric segments and unit indicators to make results on display easy to read.

 ( /2 denotes LED Display otherwise balance comes with LCD Display )

Best in Class Features, Versatility & Performance

The Ohaus Navigator comes with

  • Touchless Sensors
  • Polished stainless Steel Pan
  • Auto shut-off feature - to conserve the battery life
  • Fast Stabalization
  • Optional Battery Power
  • Bright Backlit LCD / LED Display
  • Mechanical Overload Protection
  • Impact Resistant ABS Plastic Housing
  • Transportation Lock
  • Up Front Level Indicator
  • Menu Lock Switch
  • Skid Resistant Levelling Feet
  • External push button calibration - please note: the calibration masses not included; but, we stock the: Class M1 Single weight, cylindrical, finely turned brass for this.

The following accessories are available with this portable scale (Please Contact Us for Further Details).

  • Battery Rechargeable kit
  • RS232 Interface Kit
  • Ethernet Interface Kit
  • USB Interface Kit
  • In Use Cover
  • Carrying Case

Industry leading quality

All Ohaus Navigator Series scales are manufactured under an ISO 9001:2008 Registered Quality Management System.

Still not sure if this scale is right for your requirements?

If you are still not sure if the, Ohaus Navigators Series, is right for your individual requirements, please Contact our technical team and we will be able to assist you in finding the right scale for your needs.


NV212     •     210g 0.01g   Ø210mm
NV212/2       •   210g 0.01g   Ø210mm
NV311M      •         • 310g 0.1g  0.1g 190mm x 138mm
NV311M/2       •       • 310g 0.1g  0.1g 190mm x 138mm
NV511      •     510g 0.1g   190mm x 138mm
NV511/2       •   510g 0.1g   190mm x 138mm
NV1101      •     1100g 0.1g   190mm x 138mm
NV1101/2       •   1100g 0.1g   190mm x 138mm
NV2101      •     2100g 0.1g   190mm x 138mm
NV2101/2       •   2100g 0.1g   190mm x 138mm
NV3100M      •        • 3100g 1g 1g 190mm x 138mm
NV3100M/2       •      • 3100g 1g 1g 190mm x 138mm
NV4101      •     4100g 0.2g   190mm x 138mm
NV4101/2       •   4100g 0.2g   190mm x 138mm
NV5101      •     5100g 0.5g   190mm x 138mm
NV5101/2       •   5100g 0.5g   190mm x 138mm

Downloads - Technical Information / Data Sheets


If for any reason you no longer wish to keep you purchase, you must inform us in writing within 14 days of accepting delivery. There will be a cost to collect the item, please see full return details.


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