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Kern IFT Series

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Kern IFT Series

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Industrial Platform Scale KERN IFT

Kern Easy-touch platofrm scale - the intuitive way to weigh


Kern IFT 6K-3M

Excl. Tax: £921.00 Incl. Tax: £1,105.20

Kern IFT 10K-3M

Excl. Tax: £889.00 Incl. Tax: £1,066.80

Kern IFT 10K-3LM

Excl. Tax: £953.00 Incl. Tax: £1,143.60

Kern IFT 30K-3M

Excl. Tax: £953.00 Incl. Tax: £1,143.60

Kern IFT 60K-2M

Excl. Tax: £953.00 Incl. Tax: £1,143.60

Kern IFT 60K-2LM

Excl. Tax: £1,017.00 Incl. Tax: £1,220.40

Kern IFT 100K-2M

Excl. Tax: £953.00 Incl. Tax: £1,143.60

Kern IFT 100K-2LM

Excl. Tax: £1,120.00 Incl. Tax: £1,344.00

Kern IFT 300K-2LM

Excl. Tax: £1,145.00 Incl. Tax: £1,374.00
Model Capacity Readability Platform Price
Kern IFT 6K-3M 3000/6000g 1/2g 300mm x 240mm £921.00
Kern IFT 10K-3M 6000/15000g 2/5g 300mm x 240mm £889.00
Kern IFT 10K-3LM 6000/15000g 2/5g 400mm x 300mm £953.00
Kern IFT 30K-3M 15000/30000g 5/10g 400mm x 300mm £953.00
Kern IFT 60K-2M 30000/60000g 10/20g 400mm x 300mm £953.00
Kern IFT 60K-2LM 30000/60000g 10/20g 500mm x 400mm £1,017.00
Kern IFT 100K-2M 60000/150000g 20/50g 500mm x 400mm £953.00
Kern IFT 100K-2LM 60000/150000g 20/50g 650mm x 500mm £1,120.00
Kern IFT 300K-2LM 150000/300000g 50/100g 650mm x 500mm £1,145.00

 This industrial platform scale offers capacities of 3 kg  to 300kg and readabilities from 1g  to 100g

Accessories included with these industrial platform scales include:

  1. AC Adapter
  2. Stainless Steel weighing plate

Ideally used for:

The Kern IFT is ideal for use in:

  • Record keeping
  • Documentation
  • Laboratories
  • Factories

Application use

The Kern IFT Balance is ideal for weighing the following applications:

  • Weighing
  • Piece Counting
  • Percentage Weighing
  • Totalisation
  • Recipe Counting
  • RS232 Connectivity
  • Animal weighing programme

Standard Features Include:

Intuitive Touchscreen concept

The balance can be used easily by inexperienced users, straightaway.  For the professional user , the balance provides convenient functions which permit a

high level of individulisation and which thereby make operation significantly easier and quicker

Large Memory

eg for item master data, weighing data etc the balance is the ideal solution when working with a large range of goods or where there are high requirements

for record keeping and documentation.


Thanks to a high level of connectivity it is easy to connect barcode readers for item recognition, USB sticks for data storage or data transfer to PCs and

networks using RS-232 or USB. This means that this range can be used for many different functions in industry 4.0 applications.

Convenient receipe weighing

Standard use: Direct imput of the receipe ingredients in grams or percent

Professional use: Recall of items from the database with all relevant additional data, such as target value, tolerances, name, tare container weight. That

leads to a super-fast sequence when receipe-weighing; select receipe - weigh- done!

A graphic signal helps when dosing individual receipe ingredients. An information column on the lefthand edge of the screen allows you to see at a glance

which ingredients have already been weighed (proportionately).

Multiplier Function: recipes and their ingredients can be multiplied at will at the press of a button, which is ideal for the production of larger containers, bulk packs etc

Platform: weighing plate stainless steel, painted steel base, silicone-coated aluminium load cell, protection against dust and water splashes IP65

KERN Easy-Touch platform scale - the intuitive way to weigh

The Kern IFT  comes with

  • Large Backlit LCD touch display, digit height 12mm, screen diagonal 7" (155x85 mm) 
  • Demensions of display device WxDx 252x152x133, 4mm
  • Cable length of display device approx. 2.5m
  • Permissable ambient temperature - 10 ° C/40 °C

The following accessories are available with this industrial scale (Please Contact Us for Further Details).

  • Stand to elevate display
  • Rechargeable Battery Pack
  • Signal Lamp
  • Y Cable
  • RS-232/Ethernet adaptor
  • Alibi memory
  • Software for rapid and easy processing

Industry leading quality

All Kern IFT  balances are manufactured under an ISO 9001 Registered Quality Management System. Our rugged construction and stringent quality control have been hallmarks of all Kern products for nearly a century.

Still not sure if this scale is right for your requirements?

If you are still not sure if the, Kern IFT, is right for your individual requirements, please Contact our technical team and we will be able to assist you in finding the right scale for your needs.

Downloads - Technical Information / Data Sheets


If for any reason you no longer wish to keep you purchase, you must inform us in writing within 14 days of accepting delivery. There will be a cost to collect the item, please see full return details.


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